FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — In a now-deleted podcast episode, a City of Franklin alderman claimed to know the motive behind the Covenant School shooting but provided no evidence to back up her claims.

On the “Mill Creek View” podcast, Alderman Gabrielle Hanson claimed she heard that the Covenant shooting was because of a love triangle involving the shooter. Hanson also claimed to have had a feeling a shooting was going to happen days before the massacre.

According to the city administrator, there have been 37 citizen complaints related to Hanson’s comments filed in the City of Franklin. In response, the city’s ethics committee will review the complaint before a public hearing scheduled for June 20.

The committee last took action in 2007.

“The good people of this city deserve leaders who don’t slander grieving families,” said Jared Sullivan, a Franklin resident and member of a Tennessee group calling for gun reform. “I struggle to imagine more insulting, undignified behavior from a city alderman.”

In a statement, Franklin Mayor Ken Moore said Hanson’s comments, “were hers and do not represent the City of Franklin. We continue to grieve with the families of Covenant and pray for them regularly.”

Alderman Matt Brown made a similar statement.

“Alderman Hanson’s comments over the past month have been incredibly disheartening…Out of respect for the Ethics Commission and its process, I am going to hold on making further comments at this time,” he wrote in an email to News 2.

In response to these claims, Metro police told News 2 “the statements on a possible motive being a love triangle are unfounded. We believe that assertion to be false.”

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Hanson has 30 days to respond to the complaints.

The City of Franklin’s ethics policy can be found here.