NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Members of the Metro Nashville Police Department, Nashville Fire Department and Emergency Communications Department who were involved in the response to the Covenant School shooting more than two weeks ago were given a standing ovation on the Tennessee House floor Thursday.

“When someone swears the oath to serve and protect, it’s one of the most selfless acts an individual can take,” said Rep. Bob Freeman (D-Nashville). “On the morning of March 27th, our first responders lived up to the meaning of every word they swore running toward an active shooter situation.”

It’s a day Nashville will never forget, when a shooter opened fire killing three children and three adults before being killed by police.

Freeman said it was an honor to recognize the heroes who put their lives on the line.

“March 27th was a day we trained for and prepared for for years, but it was a day we hoped would never happen,” said Metro Police Chief John Drake on the House floor.

Drake said out of the darkness there were moments of light as the different departments worked together to save lives, from the emergency communications team, to the firefighters working the triage, to the officers who were on the scene and more.

“There’s a lot of heroes standing here today but this all signifies the one team that we are. The department of communications, the Nashville Fire Department and the police department trying to keep Tennesseans safe,” said Drake.

Nashville Fire Chief William Swann reiterated how proud he was to work together as a unit.

“One thing really shines a light – when emergencies happen and when disasters happen, it forces us to put away our differences and ideologies and we come together to take care of the problems we’re facing,” said Swann.

This school tragedy has renewed calls for stricter gun control in Tennessee. There are several bills that legislatures are discussing, many that put more regulations on guns but also some that don’t.

As the House session continues, Freeman called on his colleagues to reflect on this tragedy and consider the first responders bravery and commitment.

“As we contemplate measures to protect our community and our children from senseless acts of violence, I urge this body to act now this session. Inaction is not an option,” he said.