NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – One week after the mass shooting at The Covenant School, many children found themselves among the thousands of students calling for more gun control at the Tennessee State Capitol.

“I am in kindergarten and…I go to Shwab Elementary,” 6-year-old Marco Vicencio Warbington told News 2. 

Although hard to understand, Marco knew why he was there.

“Three kids got killed in a school,” he explained, saying it made him sad. 

Unlike his peers William Kinney, Hallie Scruggs, and Evelyn Dieckhaus, Marco went home to his mother Monday, March 27. 

Now one week later, he stood with his carboard homemade sign, depicting just that. 

“I made it by myself,” Marco proudly explained.

News 2 also saw other children around three and four years old. Although they couldn’t talk much, the words on their shirts were clear.

“I’m not bulletproof,” their aunt Johna Germany added. “They are not. They are kids. They have no way to defend themselves when they are in a school, in a situation. Just trying to show the world this is who we are defending.”

The children were peppered throughout the crowd Monday, April 3 outside the Capitol.

Germany is a former kindergarten teacher who assisted in reuniting Covenant families with their little ones Monday.

“I’ve done the lockdown drills. I’ve been with kindergartners asking questions no kindergartner should have to ask. I don’t need to be scared every day that my parents aren’t coming home, that my niece and nephew aren’t coming home,” she said.

Covenant School shooter Audrey Hale fired 152 rounds inside the school building, according to Metro police. While bullets were flying, Mindy Hornton’s 11-year-old son was in class just down the street.

“Just heartbroken,” said Horton, as her son held a sign that he helped make.

It’s an art project no family wants, while his young mind still tries to process the horrific tragedy.

“We do believe in prayer, but we know that’s not what is needed right now so we spent time praying but we need to take action,” Horton stated.