NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Schools across Tennessee have been re-evaluating security protocols and making changes in the wake of the Covenant School tragedy two weeks ago.

Cheatham County School District announced it has implemented new procedures for its visitors.

Starting Monday, April 10, schools across the district will require visitors to answer several questions before entering the school.

Visitors will be required to show their ID to the camera at the door, provide their first and last name, state the purpose of their visit, and state the student’s first and last name. Additionally, if a parent is checking their child out of school, they will have to wait outside while staff brings the child to them.

Despite the changes, the district encourages families to still have lunch with students, but they are required to give advanced notice. Plus, if something is being delivered to a child, then advanced notice is also required.

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Also, appointments with any school staff must be scheduled ahead of time.

Cheatham County School District said, “We will continue to assess and update our safety protocols in order to keep our students, employees and families as safe as possible.”