NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As the world continues to mourn the victims of The Covenant School shooting, many are honoring the officers of the Metro Nashville Police Department.

After an active shooter shot and killed six people at a the Nashville private school, we continue to learn more about the heroic officers who rushed to to the terrible scene.

As body-camera video was released this week, Officer Michael Collazo and Officer Rex Engelbert can be seen running toward the sounds of gunfire inside The Covenant School.

The shooter, later identified as Audrey Hale, 28, shot through the doors of the school and began to move about the building with multiple weapons.

The police body-camera video displayed bravery, courage and resilience as the responding officers rushed in minutes behind Hale to protect those inside.

Officer Engelbert’s older brother, Kevin Engelbert, spoke out to our sister station in Chicago, WLS, praising his response.

Engelbert said the police body-camera video confirmed what he already knew: his little brother was made for this job.

“I don’t think I ever really talked to him about it because though it just made sense to me,” Engelbert said. “He’s always been a people person and a doer. He always maintains a brotherhood and I think if anything, that’s what working in the police force, it just it made sense.”

Through the bravery and courage, Officer Engelbert’s brother admits he’s never seen his little brother respond to anything like this.

“No nothing to this degree, I’m sure. I think all policemen, in himself face high tension scenarios often enough whether it be to the tragedy of the degree that we saw yesterday or or not,” Englebert said. “Some of the stuff he does tell me, you know, I’m glad that there are people like him doing those, that service for our community, and that that I hope that they know that they’re appreciated.”

Above all, the police body camera video the world has now seen, confirmed what Kevin Englebert knew to be true about his little brother: that he loves his job and would do anything to serve.

“He loves his job. The way he talks about it… sometimes cheeky whenever he has an extra shift. He says I get to work overtime, or I get to do this operation, whatever. And the way he grew up, all of us boys have always been, our mom taught us to be brave. I definitely was proud to see that in my brother’s actions and his fellow policemen and his police department.”

Kevin Engelbert said he’s just happy his brother is OK and is extremely proud of his heroic actions that day.