NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A convicted felon who Metro Nashville police said was found in a stolen car with a teenage girl, is now facing several charges.

Metro Nashville Police Department documents said officers found Brian Rodriguez-Vega, 27, in a running car at the Hometowne Studios located at 1210 Murfreesboro Pike. Authorities ran the VIN number and said the vehicle came back as stolen.

When officers tried to talk to the driver, Rodriguez-Vega, they said he gave “shifty answers” to questions about his identity. He was then reportedly asked to step out of the car, and police searched the vehicle.

Authorities said they found two handguns, and several narcotics-including substances consistent with cocaine, meth, and marijuana. Both the teen girl and Rodriguez-Vega were taken into custody.

MNPD said Rodriguez-Vega has prior felony aggravated burglary and robbery convictions.