NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — From eyes in the sky to your front porch, Metro police are now using a new video program, Connect Nashville, to help fight crime.  

“As of this morning, we’ve had 456 cameras that have been registered,” said Robert Weaver, community coordinator for the Hermitage precinct.

The idea behind the program is quite simple. It allows community members to voluntarily link their Ring doorbell or security cameras to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

“Part of almost every routine investigation we look for video evidence,” Weaver said. 

According to Weaver, the number one crime in Hermitage is car break-ins. 

“Because we know Hermitage has a large number of hotels, apartment complexes, we know those are prime areas for theft motor vehicles,” he said.

Through Connect Nashville, Weaver said anyone with a camera can help solve a key piece in an investigation.

“It’s important, especially in our neighborhoods, someone may have a key piece of evidence, they might not be the victim, but they may have a key piece of evidence that is going to help us solve a crime.”

However, before the video is officially in the hands of police, an officer will reach out asking for permission.  

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“The biggest thing is all the video is controlled by the private owner, this works with private companies or individuals that choose to share video with us,” Weaver said. 

Nashvillians can also integrate their camera through a router which allows cameras to be accessed in real-time in case of a nearby emergency.  

If you are interested in learning more about Connect Nashville, click here