NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Several people who live in Antioch are complaining about the lack of accountability on the road. Excessive speeding, running though stop signs and breaking other laws seem to echo in the many people who spoke to News 2 Friday.

A News 2 crew went to Antioch Friday and witnessed several violations and speeders down Murfreesboro Road.

“I was rear-ended with my wife and then the driver just drove away,” Jim Ruffin said. “Since that day, I have been nervous to drive and make sure I am very alert.”

Ruffin told News 2 he put safety bumpers on the back of all of his cars, stressing he doesn’t want to take another chance of serious injury.

Nighttime drag racing was also a big issue News 2 was made aware of, with people driving through medians and dangerously through traffic.

“I literally was coming home from work one night and had some guy so close on my bumper that I was drag racing,” Kristy Wilson said. “I was scared I was going to have an accident because they ended up going into the center median.”

Both Ruffin and Wilson want more police patrols through the area. They believe drivers need to be held responsible for their actions.