NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — There’s concern that speeding cars are driving too close to a new Antioch elementary school.

The newly built Rocketship Dream Community Prep resides right along Mt. View Road, and several parents and people living nearby shared their concerns with the traffic on the two lane road.

“It’s a very narrow two lane road and there aren’t any sidewalks,” Jeanine Miller said. “I think if children walk up Mt. View Road going towards Bell Road, it would be really unsafe.”

Speeding is an issue every person News 2 spoke with said about the area, sharing stories about the times reckless drivers almost hit them as they raced along the street.

“I’m very concerned about any children that walk home; its very concerning,” Coco Ragni said.

Metro police are working to address the crosswalk issue and will soon visit the area. News 2 will update you as we learn more about the site visit.