NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Nashville is working with Walk Bike Nashville and local artists to add some color to sidewalks in the Napier-Sudekum neighborhood.

Their goal is to make it easier for drivers to see pedestrians through this traffic calming method.

“The kids sometimes just cross because they are so use to just crossing in the middle, in between cars,” lead artist Charles Key said. “They don’t really use the crosswalk, so I’m trying to promote people who live out here to use the crosswalk more.”

Key is the designer and lead artist of the project. His biggest concern is making sure kids who walk through the area and walk to nearby Napier Elementary School are safe as several kids who live in the neighborhood walk to school.

The colorful art helps beautify the neighborhood and serves as a reminder for drivers to slow down, stop at stop signs, and pay more attention. So far, Key said he has received positive feedback from residents.

Claiborne, Lewis, and Fairfield streets will have colored designs as they are some of the busiest pedestrian walkways in the community.

“Here will be a mural to make the street look as though we are painting it to extend the curb,” Walk Bike Nashville Community Engagement Coordinator Ashleigh Wilson said. “We want to make it look as if the road is narrow to slow traffic down.”

In May, Walk Bike Nashville studied the effect bike lanes had on the community. They determined that pedestrian safety was considered more of a priority.

As this group continues to paint, there is a hope that their passion for art will help save future lives.