NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tennessee State University (TSU) alumni and supporters voiced their opposition to the state comptroller’s special report, which cites concerns among the university’s direction and leadership.

Pastor Enoch Fuzz hosted a press conference at his church Friday to bring more awareness on the issues and show support to TSU President Dr. Glenda Glover and trustees. He was one of several people at Thursday’s ad hoc senate committee meeting that discussed housing concerns, fiscal practices and other issues cited in the report.

Dr. Glover and the trustees disputed those claims.

“I am sorrowful about our city and what we are doing to Tennessee State University,” Dr. Amos Jones said. “It seems to me like Ms. Glover has done for our school, that many of the president’s preceding here have not been able to do.”

Other speakers at the press conference were very upset with the belief that Dr. Glover and trustees will potentially be replaced. They also spoke on the $544 million the state reportedly owes the university.

Some state legislators believe the comptroller’s special report is valid and needs addressing.

“I know that there is very significant problems at TSU and it appears the board has relinquished their duties,” Lt. Gov. Randy McNally said. “And simply given all of their checks and balances to the president of the institution.”

The ad hoc Senate committee will continue to decide on whether the state should govern the university, or continue to allow the current administration to move forward.