NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Colleagues of the Hermitage music engineer are asking what went wrong after he was shot and killed Thursday by a SWAT officer.

Metro police told News 2 during a Thursday night press conference that 54-year-old Mark Capps held his wife, step-daughter, and a boyfriend at gun point. When special agents arrived, Capps answered the door with a gun in hand. Metro police said this served as an imminent threat and led a SWAT officer to shoot Capps.  

Police said their special response team was initially serving four different felony warrants for Capps, two for aggravated assault and two for kidnapping.  

According to a probable cause statement, the two victims along with a victim’s boyfriend were woken in their sleep and held at gunpoint at their home on Summit Run Place. Capps allegedly told them multiple times that if they attempted to call for help, he would kill them both.  

They managed to escape and go to the Hermitage police precinct once Capps reportedly fell asleep.  

Metro police body camera video showed agents arriving at the home to serve the warrants. 

However, police said before negotiations began, Capps opened the door with a gun in his hand, leading a SWAT officer to shoot him.  

Colleagues, friends, and musicians are now trying to wrap their head around the loss. They told News 2 Capps is a four-time Grammy winner and has worked with many well known musicians. 

“Mark and I go back 30 years when we started working together in the 90s and I spent thousands and thousands of hours with Mark in the studio, and he is one of my dearest and best friends, and there won’t be any records with Mark. I think it could have been prevented. I really do, it did not need to end that way,” Michael Springs, Capps’ close friend and colleague said.  

“There is just shock that this could happen to anybody, you know? This could be anybody’s life that goes on the road with you. How do you know what somebody is going through and what is going to send them over the edge? I think there is a lot of pain and confusion right now,” Israel David, engineer and friend of Capps added. 

Police also said mental health clinicians do not respond to scenes where they know there is a suspect that is armed.   

At this time, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Metro Nashville Community Oversight Board are investigating the case.