NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A young Chicago man has dreams of going to college in Atlanta, but he’s currently enrolled at Tennessee State University.

The only problem is he says he never enrolled at the school.

Tennessee State University is a campus Jacinta Santillan and her son, Tristan, have never stepped foot on.

“I promise you, other than pictures I don’t know what the campus looks like,” Jacinta said.

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But for some reason, her son has been enrolled there as a student even though he lives in Chicago.

“We never signed documentation,” Jacinta said. “We never went to Tennessee State. He’s never been to an orientation. He doesn’t have an advisor.”

Jacinta and her son both graduated last spring, with Jacinta obtaining her second degree and Tristan obtaining his high school diploma and associate’s degree in IT.

“For me to see someone who’s always had to be the strongest person for me … literally it was like not again because this one was completely different,” said Tristan.

Jacinta soon became very sick, so Tristan decided to take a gap year so he could care for her.

A few months ago, he was ready to register as a student at Morehouse College in Atlanta when they told him he was already registered as a student – at TSU.

“In my head I guess the first question I had was, ‘You guys need all this information prior to a student attending your school, yet somehow someway you just managed to put a random face to a name,'” Tristan told News 2.

Tristan and his mother say they have been calling and emailing TSU for the last two months, but nothing has been fixed.

“Inside I’m just boiling, because I feel like this could be something that’s easily resolved and I feel like they don’t care,” said Jacinta.

His mother says he can’t attend Morehouse until TSU unenrolls him, which now puts his spot at Morehouse and his scholarship in jeopardy.

“He deserves this,” she said of the scholarship. “He does, and I’m crying because my hands are tied and, as a mom, I’ve gotten him this far and I feel like somebody has just yanked it from us.”

They say they’ve emailed the dean and even the president and will continue to keep pushing until something is done.

“I feel like you are creating a barrier for one of our children; fix it,” said Jacinta. “I just need you to fix it.”

News 2 reached out to TSU Thursday morning about the problem and they told us they would be looking into it.

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Jacinta reached back out Thursday afternoon to tell News 2 TSU has contacted her and has officially unenrolled her son.

She says now she’s working to see if they can still save his scholarship and enroll her son at Morehouse this fall.