NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Donelson family claims it was an intervention from a higher power after a 200-year-old tree came crashing into a home, trapping a brother and sister inside. 

The tree came down as a result from Friday’s high winds.  

Jewel Manhold was sitting in her bedroom on the first floor when, moments later, a large tree was on top of her home.  

“It was multiple sounds all at once. It was the wind, snapping, then crash,” Jewel said. 

Jewel was looking outside her bedroom window when her roof came crashing down. 

“I didn’t get a chance to go away from the window. I just turned around, which is good because the ceiling fell on the back of my head and didn’t get my face,” Jewel said.  

However, the tree trapped Jewel inside her room. Thankfully her brother, Jacob, was not in his room at the time.

“I think a few inches, a few minutes difference, it could have been a totally different story,” said Holly Manhold, Jewel and Jacob’s mother. 

Holly said neighbors next door came to help and found Jacob, but he refused to leave without his sister as he climbed through the chaos to get her out.  

“I love you and you saved me, and without you we would both be dead, because he would not leave me,” Jewel said.  

“I’m just really grateful to the universe, to God, our guardian angels that had their hands wrapped around my kids and made sure at that time they were where they needed to be so they could come out,” Holly said.  

Jacob did get stitches on Friday after he went to the emergency room.  

If you would like to help the family out financially, a GoFundMe can be found here.