NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro Nashville has officially closed Brookmeade Park as crews plan to clean up the park and restore it to proper condition.

The park has been the center of a controversy over the large homeless encampment.

Reclaim Brookmeade Park is one of the organizations that has focused their efforts on finding housing for the residents and restoring the park to its original condition.

“They are getting supportive services and that really was our goal from the beginning,” Brookmeade Park Founder Rebecca Lowe said. “This had to happen first.”

Clean up crews brought in dumpsters and a bobcat to help remove tents, trash and hazardous waste. Several people were also down in the park with trash bags.

Metro’s Homeless Impact Division reported at least 45 people who lived in the park are in interim housing or housing subsidies. They plan to walk through the park Wednesday and Thursday to make sure no one is in the park.

The last remaining person in the park agreed to housing after their dog and its puppies were moved to housing.

Reclaim Brookmeade Park said they are excited to work with Metro Parks for future park improvements.