NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – We were in Printer’s Alley here in Nashville at Fleet Street Pub, a British-styled bar, where visitors from England were watching a soccer game when we received word that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. The British patrons stopped and reflected on what she meant to them.

British Nashville visitor Anthony Ellis reflecting on the queen

“It’s really sad news to hear about our monarch dying,” exclaimed Anthony Ellis, visiting from England. “She’s the one standing figure we had. She’s outseen fourteen prime ministers.”

“She’s always been a very unifying person, really, someone who you really can’t criticize, as in Charles, and especially with what’s been going on with Harry and Meghan,” British visitor James Beswarick said. “They’ve been, to some people, not me, a bit divisive I think. Whereas with the queen, you never can criticize her, really, in terms of what she’s done for the country, a very unifying figure, you can’t ever really say anything bad about her.”

And this leaves them wondering what happens next.

“It’s going to be interesting to see where the Royal Family goes from here, whether it’s divisive opinions between Harry and Meghan, and William and Kate,” Ellis said. “It seems to be one side or the other sometimes. But with the queen, everyone seems to get behind her, you know?”

Across town at The Pub Nashville, the British-style pub in the Gulch, there are plans for a memorial.

“We want everyone to feel welcome to come to join us and pay their respects,” Pub Nashville General Manager Doug Ayers said. “We’ll have a table set up with flowers and a picture of the queen and we’ll be here for anyone who wants to stop by.”

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Our sympathies go out to all of our British visitors in Nashville.