NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — They’ve traveled thousands of miles across the ocean and the country, and Tuesday night they stopped in Music City.

Josh & Jase, two British lads from across the pond, stopped in Nashville on their cross-country road trip, which they are documenting on TikTok. The men have been on the road in the U.S. for about 50 days so far, and they’re still going strong. Starting in Arizona during a record-breaking heatwave, the pair have been loaded into an RV on their country-wide road trip.

Along the way, the pair have stopped in places like Chicago, Iowa, Florida, and South Dakota, trying out deep-dish pizza, stopping by a state fair, and checking out American beaches and national monuments. But Nashville, they said, was a different experience than they thought it would be.

The city, they said, is so welcoming to tourism and caters to visitors like themselves. It’s been helpful, as well, as they’ve been relying on their followers for recommendations of places to go and things to do once they get there.

“That’s how we get the best experience, always,” Josh said. “The best advice you can get is from a local. They tell us what to do.”

When they got to town, the first place they had to see was downtown Nashville—Broadway specifically.

“People said, ‘You have to check out Broadway; get amongst it; see what it’s about.’ And we certainly did. We went out last night and really enjoyed it. Saw some bands play their music and lots of cowboy boots and cowboy hats,” Josh said.

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And for a Tuesday night, Josh said he wasn’t expecting the area to be as lively as it was.

“When you’re traveling through America, some states are livelier than others,” he said. “You pass through and there’s a lot of corn fields and cows, and I thought with [Tennessee] being a ‘cowboy’ place it wouldn’t be as lively as it was, and on a Tuesday! Imagine what it’s like on a Saturday! It must be shoulder-to-shoulder madness.”

Those cowboy boots and hats also sparked a new appreciation in Josh, he said. In one of the pair’s Nashville TikToks, Josh has declared his love for ladies donning their best cowboy boots.

‘I’m saying I’m in love,” he told News 2. “I’m like a doe-eyed British guy walking through and seeing the cowboy boots, and I thought I was going home with a wife yesterday.”

Jase similarly learned about those Broadway girls that Morgan Wallen sings about.

“I’m a country music fan—a big Morgan Wallen fan,” he said. “And I’ve always listened to the song that goes, ‘Leave them Broadway girls alone,’ and I never knew what he meant. Now I get it.”

Though their time in Nashville was short, Josh and Jase said they both left the city with plenty of positive memories and a love for Music City.

“Broadway was fun. Nashville was great. It’s a shame we can’t stay here longer,” Josh said.

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They also left with a list of Tennessee food items to try, including Nashville hot chicken, Goo Goo Clusters and Moon Pies, while they travel east toward Gatlinburg and beyond.

The pair plans to conclude their trip in New York in September, hopefully with a trip to Niagara Falls before they leave the U.S.

To follow along Josh & Jase’s American adventures, follow them on TikTok.