NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Boutique hotels are all over Nashville, but what about a boutique dog hotel? That’s the newest concept in Music City, called Yardstick.

While most boutique hotels focus on high thread count or a special turndown service, Yardstick has a different focus.

“Elevated design is really at the core of what we’re doing. We built the space with the dogs in mind, their comfort, so paying a lot of attention to acoustics,” said Dave Atkins, the co-founder and CEO of Yardstick.

“We invest in padded flooring, so it’s easier on their paws and their joints and the playrooms.”

Atkins and his business partner said the space is special, with features that are important to dog parents.

“There’s no reason a boarding business or a daycare shouldn’t look and feel like the hotel the parents are staying out themselves, right? So that’s a lot of why we’ve doubled down,” he said.

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The hotel has 45 suites and offers room service with treats and toys, playrooms, outdoor play areas, baths and other pampering services, and even couches specifically designed for dogs to lounge on.

Yardstick’s core mission is to have a safe place for dogs while their owners are gone, and also provide peace of mind for worried parents.

“One of the insights we heard over and over from parents that were traveling was just how guilty they feel when they leave town and they leave their fur babies behind. And we just we just don’t think parents should feel that way,” said Atkins.

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The first location is in Berry Hill, and they are already up and running, accepting reservations. Plans for a second location in West Nashville are also underway.

The suites start at $80 a night. For more information about Yardstick, click here.