BERRY HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — Berry Hill police are asking for the public’s help locating a thief who steals cars, license plates and tools.

According to the Berry Hill Police Department, the thief stole a Yukon from Nashville and stole a license tag from a similar SUV, putting that on the stolen Yukon.

The thief then drove to an out-of-the-way storage shed in Berry Hill where he loaded up that stolen car with stolen tools.

Surveillance footage shows the thief driving a 2007 tan GMC Yukon to the remote storage facility in Berry Hill.

The video is not clear, but police say the driver is a skinny white man in his late 20s.

You can’t see him cut the lock on this shed or steal thousands of dollars in tools, but you can see a glimpse of him as he carries a large chop saw from the shed, loading it into the Yukon.

George Jarrett is the maintenance manager at the facility. He told News 2 the thief has struck several times and it is frustrating.

“This is the second or third time. I feel very rough about it. If I caught him down here, they, well, I’m fed up with it.”

With a straight face, the maintenance manager said, “They won’t let us shoot them so what do we do?”

According to Jarrett, whoever this guy is he seems to be familiar with the contents of the shed or at least this remote location.

“That’s just it, it’s like someone is watching from some point of view.”

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Berry Hill police are working to solve this case.

Detectives tell News 2, even the plates on this Yukon were switched with another large SUV, and that car owner had no idea he too had been victimized.

Longtime police officer, Larry Carter says, “In my opinion, the average criminal has 24 hours a day, seven days a week to figure out how to commit a crime. We have eight hours a day, five days a week to try and catch them doing it.”

And what would Jarrett say to the thief if he had the chance?

“What would I say to him? Well, I hope they put him away for a long long time. They are taking people’s stuff. People work hard for this stuff, my boss pays for this stuff that’s been stolen, not me.”

The images of the thief are not clear, so police say finding the stolen Yukon could be the key to cracking this case.

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If have any information, contact the Berry Hill police.