NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Berry Hill police arrested a suspect accused of breaking into an electric company and rolling thousands of dollars worth of copper wire out of the business.

In early May, News 2 showed you surveillance footage from the City Electric Supply Company in Berry Hill. The footage showed a man now identified as 38-year-old Michael Allen See inside the warehouse stealing copper wire, even rolling spool after spool out of the building.

Police have spent the better part of the last three months tracking the suspect and on Friday, Sept. 2, they got a big break in the case. On that day, a fire started in the creek bed along Craighead Street.

The black smoke brought fire crews and Tony Russo of the Berry Hill Police Department on scene. Crews found the fire and the remains of copper wire being burned to melt the sheath off the metal.

According to Russo, that’s when the 38-year-old See fled the scene and tried to get on a city bus.

Russo then blocked the bus and put on his sirens, causing See make a run for it.

Body camera footage shows Russo chasing See into a vacant lot, and Russo can be heard yelling for the ex-con to stop.

Eventually Russo caught up with See and knocked him to the ground. See was stunned and surrendered without further incident.

See told Russo he ran because Russo reportedly scared him.

“Why would I scare you?” Russo asked. “What was so scary about me? Because I asked you to stop? Were you doing something wrong?”

“Yeah, I was burning wire,” See responded.

Michael Barrett is the manager for City Electric Supply Company and estimates the company lost $15,000 in copper wire during the burglary, but said he is thankful for the work of the Berry Hill Police Department.

“[Russo} did a good job. He kept us informed on what was going on. Glad he finally caught the guy,” Barrett said.

Matthew McKinney, who owns L & L Flooring, also gave the police credit for trying to stop a crime that he says has been flourishing in the neighborhood in recent months.

“I’m super happy. That guy has broken into here a bunch of times and we’ve been having all types of issues over at our business from him, and I’m sure fellow people like him, they’ll steal anything from us.”

See is charged with burglary and theft and is being held at the Metro Jail under a $59,000 bond.