NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The singing of lullabies is something babies in the NICU will hear if music therapist Dr. Alejandra Ferrer is near.

“We are aware that it’s really really hard to be in a hospital,” she said. “It is a scary, unfamiliar place.”

For the last several months, the Belmont University assistant professor and her students have spent time in the NICU at Tristar Centennial Hospital playing music for babies.

“The babies are listening to recorded music on cell phones,” she said.

But Ferrer knew these babies deserved something better, so she started fundraising in hopes to purchase MP3 players and speakers for every baby in the 60-bed unit.

“We acknowledged that music can be used to soothe and to pacify, and to mask some of these NICU sounds that are so stressful and are so alerting to the infant,” she said.

What about the music?

Well, Belmont’s jazz ensemble called the “Jazzmin” stepped up to record over an hour’s worth of lullabies for Ferrer.

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“I think when babies are involved we want to help them,” said Ferrer.

It’s the sound of music Ferrer knows will not only benefit these babies but their nurses, too.

“If we can help them while we’re helping the infant then it’s a win for all,” she said.

Ferrer has already raised $850 of her $2,500 goal.

Thanks to donations she’s been able to obtain 24 sets of MP3 players and speakers along with 18 chargers.

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If you are interested in donating you can find the link HERE.

Ferrer is hoping to have all the MP3 players and speakers purchased and ready for the babies at Tristar Centennial to use in the next few weeks.