BELLEVUE , Tenn. (WKRN) —Residents in one Bellevue neighborhood are wondering where there mail is.

“Yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t get to get any cards in the mail,” said Darah Kerpka.

But it’s more than birthday cards Kerpka seems to be missing from her mailbox.

“I noticed last Thursday when I got my mail viewer and I knew what to expect, and then it didn’t come. (I said), ‘Okay, we’ll just hope it comes tomorrow,'” she said.

It’s been nearly a week and Kerpka hasn’t received any of her mail.

“I started asking my neighbors and then they had the same response. ‘No, we haven’t gotten it either,'” she said.

Kerpka said nearly everyone in her Stonemeade neighborhood hasn’t received their mail, including Patrick Harris who returned home from vacation, expecting important documents.

“It puts a concern because it’s financial issues,” he said. “So, yeah, you’re talking about tax information and then also I’m replacing a credit card.”

Kerpka finally received some mail Wednesday morning, but she’s still missing days worth of mail, including tax documents, medical bills, and her son’s allergy medicine.

“For them not to actually tell us where they are or when we will get them, that is concerning,” she said.

For now, all Kerpka and her other neighbors can do is wait.

“I’m hoping, but I’m not optimistic,” she said. “But I’m definitely hoping.”

Kerpka told News 2 she called her local post office numerous times, but no one picked up. She also filed a complaint and went to her local post office Tuesday, where she was told her mail from the last several days was not there.

The mail carrier she spoke to Wednesday told her they were working on sending out more mail carriers to distribute mail later that afternoon.

News 2 did reach out to the United States Postal Service and was sent this response:

The Postal Service appreciates its customers and always strives to provide the best possible service. Regarding delivery to the Stonemeade neighborhood, local management reports all available mail is being delivered daily. As information, Post Offices were closed and there was no mail delivery on Monday, February 20 in observance of Presidents Day. Local staff will closely monitor delivery activity to ensure continuing service improvements.

News 2 did reach back out, mentioning neighbors hadn’t received mail since Thursday, Feb. 16, and that many neighbors used Informed Delivery offered by USPS that shows them previews of their mail.

News 2 also asked if they could provide a clearer answer on where their missing mail is, and was sent this additional statement to our request:

Informed Delivery provides notifications for mailpieces arriving soon – not necessarily mailpieces arriving that same day. As stated, local management reports all available mail is being delivered daily to the Stonemeade neighborhood.

News 2 sent USPS a list of all the streets in the neighborhood so they could further investigate.