NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — When you picture the Nashville skyline it’s hard not to think of one building in particular. The AT&T Building—also known as the Batman Building—has been a staple of Music City for nearly 30 years.

“I think it’s such a cool piece of architecture,” said musician—and self-described Batman enthusiast— Rob Harris. “When we go downtown, it’s always the highlight for me.”

According to the portfolio from Earl Swensson Associates, the architectural firm for the building, the “client wanted to make a statement in Nashville with its headquarters building to demonstrate high-tech communications.”


Construction on the structure began in 1992 and was completed two years later, in September of 1994—five months ahead of schedule.


While there are two different heights reported for the AT&T building, according to AT&T and Earl Swensson Associates, the structure stands at 632 feet. Not only is it Nashville’s tallest building, it’s also the tallest building in Tennessee.

Square feet

According to Earl Swensson Associates, the structure covers around 670,000 square feet. The AT&T building occupies one and two-thirds of a city block.

Number of floors

The AT&T building has 33 floors total, but the highest floor accessible for office space access caps out at the 28th floor, according to AT&T Tennessee President Joelle Phillips.

Unusual position

The building sits catty-cornered facing the corner of Commerce Street and 3rd Avenue North rather than any one street. The layout makes it stand out from traditional buildings that run parallel to the streets.

Winter Garden

The building is home to an 8,000-square-foot enclosed winter garden which can be found at the entry-level of the structure. The three-story garden is also accessible from either side of the building.


You won’t find a bat cave under the Batman building, but you will find a nine-story, 1,308-space underground parking garage.

The names

The AT&T Building was formerly known as the South Central Bell Building and the BellSouth Building.

The nicknames

It’s the structure’s nicknames, though, that most people use when referring to the building.

“Some people say Batman Building, some people say the Bat Tower, some people say Bat Building, we all know what we’re talking about,” said Phillips. “It’s that special.”

For Rob Harris, who has lived in the area for 22 years, the building has become his favorite part of the skyline. “There’s a lot changing about the Nashville skyline, but I hope that always stays. I don’t know of another city that has a building that looks like that.”