NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — After the slick conditions from weekend ice and snow, drivers might now take a new hit—potholes. That could lead to a pretty penny spent on repairs.

“We’ve been really busy, having wheels straightened, busted tires,” said Bass Tire Company Manager Aaron Lane.

The morning of Thursday, Dec. 29, Lane said four customers came in for pothole-related damages.

“In the winter, we see, I’d say it doubles, quadruples, the amount of vehicles that come into us—it’s bad,” he said.

Lane has worked in automotive repairs for over three decades and said the pothole conditions have only worsened.

“I would say it’s probably up 100%,” said Lane. “I know they’re working hard trying to get them done. The weather’s not really helping much.”

The Nashville Department of Transportation has four crews out Thursday repairing potholes on Metro roads.

Officials with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) said they were overwhelmed with repairs last winter and are learning from what they experienced.

From Jan. 1 to Feb. 18 this year, TDOT performed about 2,112 tons of manual pothole patching across the state for a price tag of $1,845,000.

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TDOT said it invested in a Enhanced Resurfacing Program, putting a sealant over what hasn’t been resurfaced to prepare for winter weather in 2023.

Residents are encouraged to report potholes on Metro streets to hubNashville by clicking here and state roads by using this form.

If drivers hit a pothole and experience damage to their vehicle, they can submit a damage claim through the Tennessee Department of Treasury.