NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dickerson Pike is considered to be one of the most dangerous streets in Nashville for pedestrians, but with the help of advocates, they are hoping small changes can make a big impact.

It’s part of Vision Zero, with the goal of having no pedestrian fatalities.

Even on a rainy day along Dickerson Pike, past the clouds and the puddles lays a colorful reminder of how important safety is.

“We are here on Dickerson Road, one of the most dangerous streets for pedestrians, and I’m here just as an artist trying to bring some light to this situation,” said Charles Key, the artist behind the groundwork.

With each step, it’s hard to miss each color that lines the road in front of the Piggly Wiggly on Dickerson Pike.

“The colorfulness was to inspire and make sure the community was connected with the different cultures that we have that makes Tennessee or Nashville our city. The piano keys of course for music city, and the flow of the Cumberland river, and just try to give some awareness to what’s going on,” described Key.

Over the weekend, the Nashville Department of Transportation & Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) along with Walk Bike Nashville and the Civic Design Center worked on the new safety project. It’s called a quick build.

“So what a quick build is essentially is that you use low cost and kind of quick and ready materials. So paint, fixed posts in order to highlight safety,” explained Meshach Adams with Walk Bike Nashville. “TDOT and NDOT came up with the idea of putting a pedestrian island in the middle, and again with easy ready available cheap materials. They put it there so when folks cross the street, they have a little bit of a refuge. They can pause; they don’t have to run, and they can walk at their normal pace and then get to the bus stop.”

The hope is drivers will be able to see pedestrians walking along the colorful keys, and will pause for those waiting on the pedestrian island.

The improvements came days after Uoli Mejia Primero was hit by a car walking across Dickerson Pike. According to Metro Police, she was six months pregnant at the time. She, along with her unborn baby, died.

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“I think it’s powerful that we still continue to uplift Uoli and her family. I think it, and even know, it’s still kind of difficult to really kind of comprehend that loss of life, and it’s important that we continue to reach out to people and try to figure out what happened,” Adams reflected.

Metro police have made no arrests in the case. The department is asking for public help in identifying the driver of a dark-colored SUV.

“I hope that the pedestrians that are walking, I’m trying to make it a little safe for them, and maybe the people that are walking/driving by. If they see it, they might slow down,” said Key.