NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Neighbors in the Hillsboro area of Nashville are looking for an alleged package thief.

“It was an outfit from Revolve,” said Kayleigh Collins.

An outfit Collins will never get the opportunity to wear thanks to an apparent thief. “You can see this person pull up and just take the package,” she said.

Collins waited two months for her package only to have it stolen minutes after being delivered.

“This person didn’t do a double take, look around see if anybody was watching, didn’t look at the package to see what it was,” she said. “This person came out, took the package, and drove on.”

Collins posted footage of the theft from her Ring camera online, and soon learned the suspect appeared to match a person tied to alleged package thefts from homes around Hillsboro Pike and Lombardy Avenue.

“Immediately I had multiple people comment, oh I saw this person last week or this person was in my parent’s driveway,” said Collins.

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Just a street away, Mark Pleasant described seeing a person and car that matched the suspect at his neighbor’s house. “I saw a lady get out and walk to the porch, and it looked like she picked up something, and as I kind of observed, yeah, she picked up and went back to her car and left.”

Alleged package theft investigation
Photo of alleged suspect’s car (Courtesy: Mark Pleasant)

Pleasant began snapping photos and learned his neighbor’s package had been stolen too. “I mean that’s just…that’s a terrible way to have to live,” he said. “It’s just sad.”

While neighbors are now on the lookout, Collins has a message for the thief. “Just stop,” she said. “I mean it’s the holidays and even if it’s not the holidays…I don’t know who this person is, it’s theft.”

Collins and other neighbors News 2 spoke with say they have filed police reports with Metro Nashville Police.

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News 2 also spoke to the mail carrier that delivers mail in that area who said she has notified her boss about the recent package theft claims.