NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a fast-moving problem: street racing in Middle Tennessee. Nashville authorities have been taking the problem seriously, making more than a dozen arrests so far this year.

“Aggravation, it has been an aggravation,” said Metro Councilwoman Joy Styles. “They kind of took the attitude of, ‘Well, these are now our streets. We will do whatever we want on them and whenever we want.'”

Even while out of town, News 2 caught up with Styles as she continued to address the problems she is finding in her own district.

“Every single weekend on Logistics Way off of Old Hickory Boulevard, the Amazon parking lot over there, it’s annoying,” explained Styles.

Those involved with the Metro Nashville Police Department’s street racer enforcement effort have been cracking down on suspects, making over a dozen arrests so far this year.

Styles explained she has been following up on street racing arrests, even stating, “Three weeks ago, I went to a bail hearing for one of the leaders of a drag racing group that’s in Nashville. I didn’t realize that they were forming coalitions.”

This week, Metro police arrested 25-year-old Austin B. Scott. He is accused of being part of a known street racing group, and the organizer of at least 10 racing events since January.

“I get more complaints from constituents wanting something to be done, then people saying, ‘Oh no, let them be free and let them do their own thing,” Styles said. “Southeast is the biggest precinct as well as the busiest precinct. We don’t have more officers. Everyone is equally distributed throughout precincts and the reality is some areas need more work than others, so I’m currently working with Chief Drake and others on his staff to figure what we are going to do, specifically for the (Southeast Precinct) because we have a need.”

Styles said she wants to make a change on the state level by hopefully having a law passed that would give law enforcement the ability to seize some of the cars being used in the street racing.