NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In 2020, the Federal Highway Administration reported more than 500 wrong-way driving traffic deaths in the United States.

Nashville has seen plenty of crashes caused by wrong-way drivers.

Recently, a motorist drove the wrong way on Briley Parkway for 15 miles.

The wrong-way motorist was stopped by a tractor-trailer without anyone being hurt but many other drivers called 911 to help prevent a tragedy on the road.

Caller 1: “He’s on the southside going north, right now he’s beside the Opryland Hotel, I’m just now passing him….They don’t have their lights on, they almost smacked right into my car, like head-on, I didn’t seem them until last minute almost.”

Caller 2: “It was a car, they were just flying past me going against the wrong lane of traffic, for sure.”

Caller 3: “He should be passing the Hwy 12 exit right about now, hopefully you guys can catch up to him.”

Caller 4: “The road like goes, one way, however there is a car driving the complete wrong way on this road, somebody is going to get hit head-on.”

Caller 5: “I just want you to get them before they hurt somebody.”

Dispatcher: “Thank you for giving us a call.”
Caller 6: “OK have a good night. I just don’t want him to hit somebody head-on.”

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It is not known if the motorist was ever charged. The vehicle was towed away from the scene after the driver was stopped by the commercial vehicle.