NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Car windows were smashed, a gun was stolen and shots were fired in a crime spree that spanned several hours in the Old Hickory Village neighborhood. Thirty victims were hit in the overnight hours Sunday into Monday and filed reports with Metro police so far.

On Tuesday, police continued processing reports. 

“This was big, this was huge and many were affected,” one victim who didn’t want to share her identity due to safety concerns told News 2.  

It was a shocking sight as neighbors woke Monday morning. Many found shattered glass from their busted car windows, while others like Jennifer Williams found her car stolen. 

“I was like, ‘oh, wow my car is gone,'” said Williams. 

Surveillance footage captured shortly before midnight Sunday shows two suspects in hoodies — one with a flashlight checking car doors of her neighbors — while another can be seen backing up and taking off in Williams’ new white SUV.

“Extremely frustrating,” she explained. 

Metro police confirmed that two cars were stolen from the area, as well as a gun. Video footage captured who police believe are the suspects a couple of hours later in Williams’ stolen SUV just blocks from her house at 8th Street and Jones Street as you can hear shots fired.

“I was very, very angry about the whole thing to be honest but also scared. You figure these are kids with guns clearly not afraid to shoot them in a neighborhood with houses in such close proximity,” said one victim. 

Williams’ SUV was recovered at 8th Street and Jones Street. She believes the car started because her fob was within close proximity inside her house, but was ultimately disabled. Metro police say a second stolen car was recovered in North Nashville. 

Neighbors described the actions of the suspects as bold, as they can be seen on camera nonchalantly terrorizing the neighborhood.

“It was almost like they were taunting the neighbors like they knew they could get away with it.” 

Neighbors are frustrated, saying the area is not well lit, police don’t regularly patrol it and that they were slow to respond to calls Monday. One victim told News 2 that it took more than five hours for police to show.

Metro police officials told News 2 that is about normal right now for calls that aren’t a crime in progress. Another man said he called police over an hour before the shots were fired. 

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If you recognize the suspects in the videos you are asked to call Metro police.