NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Two men were taken into custody after officers at the Nashville International Airport reportedly discovered 18 pounds of marijuana inside two pieces of luggage.

The drugs were found Wednesday inside checked baggage on a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas.

According to arrest warrants, BNA officers were observing bags coming off the flight when K-9 officer Havoc indicated the smell of marijuana coming from two locked roller suitcases, one of which had a strong odor of air freshener.

The luggage was loaded onto the baggage claim belt while investigators observed the immediate area.

Officials reported the suitcases were then claimed by 30-year-old Veontae Lewis and 29-year-old Nicolas Riley, who then walked toward an exit together.

Approximately eight pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana concealed within clothing was found in Lewis’ bag while 10 pounds was discovered within Riley’s luggage, according to arrest warrants.

Both men reportedly had claim tickets for their respective pieces of luggage and along with receipts for the sale of several thousands of dollars worth of marijuana.

Lewis and Riley were booked into the Metro jail and charged with felony drug possession. Their bonds were set at $75,000 each.