NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro police are asking for the public’s help to put a little heat on a cold case murder that has gone unsolved for 635 days.

The crime took place on Jan. 21, 2021. That’s when a man was gunned down in front of his South Nashville apartment complex.

According to MNPD Detective Tyler Manivong, who has been working on this case for almost two years, Antonio Garcia-Flores was a husband. The 50-year-old was the father of three children, two daughters ages 26 and 28 who are now living in Texas. His youngest son was living with them around the time of the murder, just as he was entering the U.S. Marine Corps.

Antonio Garcia-Flores’ wife told the detective that her husband had a knack for fixing electronics like iPhones and laptops.

All that came to a screeching, violent halt on Jan. 21, 2021.

Police say Antonio was in front of his South Nashville apartment complex tinkering on a headlight for his Chevy Malibu. That’s when investigators say a robber wearing a hoodie stuck a gun in the 50-year-old’s face.

Police say there was a brief scuffle and the weapon discharged four times.

“You know you had the fight or flight, the first reaction is to grab for the gun and then a fight ensued,” Detective Manivong said. “They both are punching each other.”

Manivong says the bandit stole Antonio’s wallet and then got in a blue Nissan Sedan driven by someone else.

The detective told News 2 that witnesses reported the robber was injured in the fight and was limping as he got in the car.

According to Detective Manivong, the man who moved to America from Mexico 20 years ago was rushed to Vanderbilt Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

“That is tough for me. He comes for the American dream, like myself, my family is immigrants, he immigrated from Mexico, he has been here 20 years, had the same job for 18 years, working hard, and the next thing you know someone is trying to take his property and ends up taking his life,” Detective Manivong said. “I believe someone out there has a little bit of info, maybe just a hunch, on who you think it is, it’s something that we can work with, and we will just go from there.”

According to Manivong, several doctors who the victim worked for posted a $10,000 reward for info in this case that leads to an arrest and an indictment.

The suspect is described as a young man, skinny, perhaps Latino, or a black man with a light complexion. The killer is approximately 5’7″ tall with close curly hair and a thin build.

He was seen leaving in a blue Nissan sedan.

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If you have any information call the Metro police or Crime Stoppers at (615) 74-CRIME.