Nashville Zoo unveils new tiger exhibit

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Nashville Zoo unveils new tiger exhibit

The Nashville Zoo has two new residents, and they are causing quite the stir. 

Crowds gathered Friday morning as the Nashville Zoo unveiled a brand new exhibit called “Tiger Crossroads,” which features two Sumatran tigers. 

Sumatran tigers are a critically endangered species with less than 400 remaining in the wild. They are native to the Indonesian Island of Sumatra and are the smallest subspecies of tigers. Due to their jungle habitat, they have darker coats than other tigers.

The two Sumatran tigers that are now residing at the Nashville Zoo are sisters and were born at the Topeka Zoo. They are both four-years-old. 

Sumatran tigers are solitary so most of the time only one tiger will be in the enclosure at a time. 

The exhibit features an indoor viewing area for guests and a renovated bridge overlooking the habitat. The enclosure also features a stream and wading pool as well as a training wall for guests to watch the tigers work on target training demonstrations and interactive educational displays. 

One of the goals of this new exhibit is to teach people how they can help save this species. 

The Nashville Zoo has made a long-term commitment to support The Tiger Conservation Campaign, which works to grow tiger populations in their native habitats. 

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