Nashville woman warning citizens after man exposes himself to her in parking lot

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A trip to the grocery store took a turn for the worse for one East Nashville woman who didn’t want to reveal her name or show her face on camera. 

“It’s a violation,” the woman said. “It’s gross. It’s not something you want to see.” 

On July 15, she was in the parking lot of a grocery store in East Nashville when she says a man in a silver Nissan Altima pulled in next to her. 

“His car door was open,” she said. “He was halfway out of the car.” 

She waited to see if he was getting out, but as she took a closer look, she says she was disgusted. 

“I saw him touching himself, looking at me, staring at me,” she said. 

“I think more than anything what scared me was that I’d been targeted.  He knew I was by myself, and he was watching me.” 

The suspect drove off. 

She told security and called police but didn’t file a report. 

“I just wanted to get home where I was safe as soon as possible,” the woman said. 

Lieutenant Virginia Carrigan with Metro Nashville Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit said if this ever happens to you, file a report, giving the best description you can. 

“Physical description, clothing description, car description,” Carrigan said. 

Since January, there’ve been 18 reports of indecent exposure in Nashville, according to police. 

“Often times, it’s in parking lots,” Carrigan said. “And, it’s in a busy location.” 

Carrigan said although it’s a misdemeanor, if the suspect isn’t caught, something worse may happen. 

“That type of behavior will lead to other, more serious types of sex crimes,” she said. 

It’s disturbing behavior the victim is trying to forget. 

“You have that image in your head forever,” she said. 

She said she’s sharing her story to make other women aware and prevent this from happening to them. 

“It’s important that we look after each other and warn one another ‘cause you can’t always have someone else there with you,” she said. 

To report indecent exposure or any other sex crime, call the non-emergency number to Metro Police at (615) 862-8600 or contact the Sex Crimes unit at (615) 862-7540

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