NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Caitlin Butcher says it’s still hard for her to move her hands.

“It’s still pretty swollen,” Butcher said.

She has deep cuts on her hands and wrists after being bitten by a dog on Tuesday night.

“Oh my God, this is awful like it really hurt,” she said. “Like I really felt him bite down on that hand.”

Butcher says she was walking her dog near Sunrise Avenue in Glencliff when a loose dog ran towards them.

She says the animals started fighting, but when she tried to intervene, she was attacked.

“He bit me and continued to bite me,” Butcher said. “Bit my dog, continued to bite me.”

She says a neighbor pulled the dog off of her, leaving her bloody and wounded.

“It was horrible,” she said. “I hope no one else has to experience what I experienced.”

Metro police and Metro Animal Care and Control are investigating the attack which Butcher says could’ve happened to anyone.

“There are alot of small kids and families in our neighborhood as well,” she said.

This year, MACC has gotten 585 reports of animal bites.

It’s a serious charge which could mean fines or restrictions for owners, including losing their pets.

As Butcher continues to heal, she wants her neighbors to be alert and animal owners to be held accountable.

“Be responsible for your pet,” she said. “Tie them up, keep them in the house, get a fenced in yard.”