Much of her life has been dedicated to giving back and giving a home to animals.  

Now, a Nashville woman needs help herself after her home burst into flames. Fire officials are investigating, though they believe the fire started near a space heater.  

The woman barely escaped and spoke with News 2 from her hospital bed.  

All is quiet now along Lanier drive, but late Tuesday, Lanier lit up. Neighbors awoke to a blaze, as a nearby home was completely engulfed in flames.  

Inside the home initially, was Perri Lowe.  

“My Yorkie was barking. Opened up the door and there were flames coming from the kitchen, on the ceiling and the whole house was engulfed in the flames,” she explained. “I pushed out the screen and threw myself out.” 

Fresh from the trauma unit, having just moved into a normal room, Perri spoke to News 2 from Vanderbilt Hospital.  

“My hair is singed on one side I have blonde hair and it’s black right now — My eyes are burnt — I have second-degree burns on my hands,” she said. “All my animals were dead.” 

Perri loves all pets and is well known in the foster animal community. She’s an active member of Nashville Cat Rescue, with an estimated 20 animals, both personal and foster, killed in the fire.  

Had it not been for a neighbor pulling Perri away, this might have been a different story.  

Mere moments after he intervened, is when the blaze took off.  

“Had a kerosene heater and a five-gallon jug of kerosene on the porch, and it just exploded like a bomb,” said Perri. “It would have blown up on me, it was 5 feet away from me.” 

Now, with rehab and recovery, a return to normalcy seems a long way away.  

“Figure out what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it. You know, I have nothing,” said Perri.  

The house is a total loss, and Perri has a long transition period ahead. Anyone who wishes to help can donate to her Go Fund Me here.