Nashville artists are banding together, hoping to bring an end to vandalism.  

This comes after a West End mural was vandalized for the fourth time since it was painted five months ago.  

Their art is easily spotted, sprayed all across Nashville.  

With more than 20 murals spanning the city, the Nashville Walls Project now needs your help.  

Eva Boros is a co-founder of the project. She met News 2 outside of a Nathan Brown piece, on the Elliston Place parking garage. 

“We wish the person would stop doing it, and they will cause we’ll get to the bottom of it,” she explained. “Someone keeps vandalizing Nathan’s mural, and it’s only that one wall, we haven’t had this issue with any other one of our murals.” 

Each work of art takes hours to complete, and each act of vandalism means hours more to fix.  

“Every time, he’s had to come back, and he has to fix it,” said Eva. “This has been the worst thus far like this has been the most widespread graffiti on that wall.” 

Nashville Walls Project believes it’s the same vandals, who are striking time and time again.  

The group is now calling on the public for answers, with a $1,000 reward, hoping the mural will stay clean for good.  

“You can tell they’re out here for the sake of vandalizing, they’re not out here to paint art, or to do actual graffiti, they’re just here to ruin a perfectly great mural,” said Eva.  

Anyone with information should contact the Nashville Walls Project.