Nashville unseasonably warm for the holidays

Local News

‘Twas the day before Christmas when all through Music City, not a single snowflake was falling, the sunny, clear skies, looking ever-so-pretty.

“I’m wearing my shorts and flip flops,” said Samuel Edmondson. “I love it. I wish the pool was open. Go out and swim!”

“Well if you can’t have snow, this is awesome,” said John Coffay.

Sixty-degree temperatures look like they’re sticking around for Christmas Day.

“I like Christmas to be cold with snow on the ground,” said Nicky Weaver. “It feels like right now I’m in Florida.”

So what makes it so warm?

“When you look at the Pacific Ocean, they have water temperatures that are on average a neutral phase. And there’s a telecommunication. In other words for us, warmer than average temperatures in the winter,” said News 2 Meterologist Jared Plushnick.

The last time this happened was back in 2016 when the temperature hit 76 degrees.

“I don’t see any arctic pledges, but there will be a cold front over the weekend that does mix things up for next week,” said Plushnick.

“You just have this funny feeling that it’s not Christmas because it’s not warm outside,” said Weaver.

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