A mistake on Wheel of Fortune has gone viral, costing a contestant a trip to Nashville.

But now the Music City is coming together to give her a second chance thanks to some good old-fashioned southern hospitality.

On the episode that aired October 21st, Kristen Shaw attempted to solve the puzzle.

Even though she nailed all four words, she added the word “and” to her answer.

According to the game show’s rules, everything must be said as is, with no extra words.

That mistake cost Shaw almost $2,000 in cash and a trip to Nashville worth $8,000.

“As soon as it came out my mouth, I knew what I did wrong,” said Shaw to News 2. “But I didn’t want to show my disappointment because I knew I was on camera. But my heart was pounding inside, like my heart just sunk.”

That was just the beginning.

That night, Shaw’s story went viral.

“To wake up Friday and find out people were asking for a rule change, I couldn’t believe it,” said Shaw.

But the call for action went beyond the rules of the popular game show.

“I just felt bad because that tiny mistake cost her the opportunity to visit our great city,” said LJ Whalen of Nashville-based tourism company Adventureworks.

Whalen then jumped into action.

“Why don’t we just give her the prize back?” he said.

Whalen began calling his friends in the industry.

“I called the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Ryman,” he said.

It started with one yes to a go from every major attraction in the city.

“Of course,” said Melissa Elliot of Old Town Trolley Tours.

“Absolutely, yes,” said Chakita Patterson of United Street Tours.

Patterson’s tour group, among the mix of Nashville’s history and country music Shaw will get to experience in her paid, all-inclusive trip.

“We go to several stops that spotlight the civil rights in Nashville,” she said.

All experiences to show Shaw the Nashville way.

“There’s a lot of negativity in the world, but for something like this to happen to me, and for Nashville to give me a second chance, my heart is just so warm,” said Shaw.

Shaw said she’s still figuring out when to take her trip to Nashville, but said she plans to take her mother with her.

In more good news, Wheel of Fortune staff told News 2 the winner of the Nashville trip in the episode plans to share his winnings with Shaw.