NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville musician was shocked when a fill-in performance on Broadway landed her a $10,000 tip.

Morgan Clark said she was performing in place of a friend Monday night at the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway. While she was tearing down her equipment, she discovered a check for $10,000 among her cash tips.

“At first I thought it was a joke that someone was playing on me, but when I looked closer, I realized that the check appeared to be real,” Clark told News 2.

As Clark looked back at the audience, she said a man sitting in the back of the room stood up and walked toward her.

“When he identified himself as the person who put the check in my guitar case, I was speechless,” Clark explained. “He insisted on remaining completely anonymous and simply said: ‘love your music, I love your voice and the way you entertain … and I just want you to do me one favor … Don’t ever lose your innocence.'”

“Morgan and I both wondered if the whole thing was a practical joke,” her manager James Rea said. “The following day, he met Morgan and I at his bank and wire-transferred the money to her account.”

Clark has a three-night per week residency gig at the Hilton Garden Inn on Music Row. She moved to Nashville five years ago from New Hampshire to pursue her music career.