Nashville salon owner reopens after losing his house in March Tornado

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Social distancing at Element Salon starts before you even step inside.
Clients call from the car, are given a questionnaire, asked to use hand sanitizer and masks and are greeted at the door by staff for a temperature check.

Jason Facio has spent months painstakingly re-imagining every detail of his salons since COVID-19 shut his doors.

“If you had a temperature, we are able to take your temp two more times. That is because we’ve asked you to stay in your car and it’s possible your temperature went up,” said Facio.

Like others in Nashville, he’s had a tough 2020. The closures cost him financially, and the March 3 tornado took his East Nashville home. Without a house or a business Facio focused on the positives.

“I think we were able to remember that it’s all just stuff, and what matters are the people, and what matters is we survived it,” said Facio.

With a reinvigorated spirit he, and his team, went to work keeping customers safe.

“As soon as you sit in the stylist chair, the stylist is going to reach over and turn [this sign] from vacant to occupied. Now everybody in the salon knows we can not touch this chair until it’s been sanitized,” explained Facio.

Plastic barriers divide each station, the washroom is now a no-talking zone, and blowouts are temporarily stopped. Facio went a step further hiring a cleaning company to spray a disinfectant barrier on all surfaces and installed a new air filtration system.

“This is what they use in operating rooms,” said Facio, “This is putting out charged ions into the air which is seeking and off charging viruses.”

Extra steps he hopes will relieve the stress so many have felt during this time.

“That’s what it takes to be a hairstylist. You have to be a people pleaser,” said Facio, “And we haven’t been able to do that since March 16th. We want to be able to do that in the safest way possible.”

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