Nashville musician Will Hoge lends voice to Metro teachers

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A well-known Nashville musician is lending his voice to support Metro school teachers in their plea for a raise. 

Will Hoge started a petition asking for fair pay for MNPS teachers and thousands have already signed it. 

“One of my favorite things about Nashville is as a community. I think when things get difficult, we really do rally around and we sort of check our political and ideological differences at the door and we really work hard to do the right thing for our community,” Hoge told News 2.  

Public school education runs deep in Hoge’s blood. As a Nashville native, he was in the public school system, his mother was a teacher. His wife is a Metro public school counselor and his two sons are metro students. 

“The students and the people that grow up and live in these communities are the ones that start businesses and are really the future more so or as important as tourism is to our city and we do a great job with that. We’ve really got to get down to the root of this community and that’s our school children and the future that they bring. They are going to be the teachers and the newscasters and the local coaches and the music business people and the hospital executives. We’ve got to do a better job with them, and it starts with fully funding education.” 

While Hoge points out in his petition that Mayor Briley’s proposed 3 percent raise is “near insulting,” he says this issue isn’t about pointing fingers but rather working together as a community. 

“This isn’t just a binary choice of if we need to fund the schools or not, we need to fund the schools. I think there’s some nuance and detail that’s really important that we start to talk about, but that needs to be talked about from not just the teachers and school board members and Mayor Briley we as a community have to really be a part of that conversation,” Hoge stated. 

More than 900 teachers called out sick again Monday demanding higher pay. 

According to the twitter handle “Teachers Are Sick” teachers will be returning to the classrooms on Tuesday. 

Click here to sign the petition

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