NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville Mayor John Cooper released his first-year report outlining 51 promises his administration has delivered on since taking office.

Despite his administration being faced with the March 3rd EF-3 tornado and the global pandemic, Mayor Cooper said he’s made significant progress toward his administration’s goal of creating a city that works for everyone.

The report said the Mayor’s Office quickly responded to balancing the city’s budget and taking measures to address the city’s $41.5 billion budget gap. The administration has created new revenue sources and is now generating revenue from the Music City Center and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation.

The report notes the city’s revenue and resources were further plagued by the pandemic and tornado. The Mayor’s Office said it’s worked to identify areas to make cuts and implemented measures including hiring freezes and holding off on pay raises. Metro departments were able to come up with more than $234 million in spending cuts and savings. This allowed the city to find the resources necessary to deal with the emergency needs of the pandemic and continue to provide essential services.

“No one could have anticipated the difficulties that Nashvillians have encountered this year, but we are a community that can overcome any odds,” Mayor Cooper said. “The choices we’ve made have often been difficult, but they’ve always been necessary to keep people safe, to provide financial solvency for our city, and make us ready to emerge, once again, as a community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Nashville’s budget crisis, the ongoing public health emergency, the sharp and sudden recession that has hurt our local economy – we will continue to face these challenges while we keep Nashville moving forward.”

You can find the full first-year report, including the administration’s “four-year commitment tracker” by clicking here.