BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) – What was supposed to be a fun day sledding turned deadly Tuesday when a 9 year-old-boy died after an accident in Brentwood.

According to police, a dad was driving an ATV while pulling four children on a tube down Seward Road, the street covered in snow and ice. The tube collided with a mailbox and the 9-year-old child was critically hurt.

He was rushed to the Vanderbilt hospital in Williamson County, but he did not survive the injuries.

The tragedy happening just about an hour before a child in Franklin nearly slipped into the Harpeth River during a sledding outing.

Unfortunately the young life lost and the tragic river experience are just two of the accidents area-hospitals are seeing.

Pediatric ER Doctor Marla Levine with Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt told News 2 about 50 percent of their patients Tuesday were children injured in sledding accidents.

“We had kiddos coming in with abdominal injuries, head injuries…life-threatening injuries,” Levine said.

Sledding can be done safely, but neighborhood streets, driveways, and parks can be extremely dangerous, especially if you’re using makeshift sleds.

“They’re using their air mattresses, they’re using their laundry bins, even in my neighborhood I saw kiddo in plastic storage bins being pulled,” Levin explained.

Children sled in Mt. Juliet neighborhood Tuesday

While the snow may look fluffy and soft, it’s only a layer on top of very hard ice.

“When you fall off of these sleds, you can be impacting a very very hard surface,” she added.

While the majority of the patients at Vanderbilt and TriStar Skyline have had external injuries, they have also seen tragic head traumas.

“The concept of a head injury, includes the possibility of a brain injury and so there’s a spectrum of head injuries, obviously with the most significant being an intercranial brain bleed which is obviously more life threatening,” Levine said.

Levine also stressed that one of the most dangerous means of sledding is with a motor vehicles.

A few other safety reminders include using a real sled, always put your feet first, make sure there are no roads, trees, or water sources, and wear a helmet.

For a full rundown on sledding safety from Vanderbilt, click here.

Brentwood Police also put out a list of safety tips:

  • Children should have an adult with them when they go sledding.
  • Avoid sledding in areas where there are any obstacles such as fences, trees, poles, etc.
  • Always go downhill feet first.
  • Have only the recommended number of passengers on a sled.
  • Never have a sled pulled by a vehicle.
  • Do not sled around lakes, streams, or ponds.
  • Wear heavy clothing to protect you from the elements and injuries.

The other three children in the Brentwood sledding accident were not injured, according to police.

Children sled in Mt. Juliet Wednesday