Nashville Fire Department ready for big holiday crowd Downtown

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tens of thousands of revelers will be celebrating America’s independence this weekend in downtown Nashville.

To make sure that everyone stays safe, the Nashville Fire Department will have paramedics and EMTs driving medically equipped all-terrain vehicles.

The units will be positioned in the lower Broadway footprint and be ready to respond in a fraction of the time that it would take a much larger ambulance to get through the crowds.

Justin Hays is a paramedic who works on the UTV downtown.

Hays says the speed with which paramedics can get through the crowds is exceptional.

Hays says “It helps us get to the patient quicker than an ambulance does, we can go on the sidewalk.”

According to NFD, the UTV gets to patients quickly and safely and then gets them outside the crowded inner perimeter to a waiting ambulance which will transport to the E.R.

Hays says “We’ll coordinate with the ambulance a block or two from Broadway and we’ll bring the patient out to them.”

Hays says seconds count when you save lives.

Hays says, “I can be there in two minutes or less versus them coming from station 9, which could take maybe seven to eight minutes.”

Hays describes previous weekends working in the crowded conditions.

“It’s chaotic and we can pull them out of that chaotic scene and at least get them a block or two away, it’s a lot calmer. I had a lady broke her ankle last week and she was in a lot of pain. It can get hot when there’s a hundred people standing over you in a bar. So we can get them out of that scene to the ambulance and transport them to the hospital.”

District Chief Brooke Haas says the UTV units like the one Hays works on were first used during the NFL draft. She says they can handle anything from a gunshot to a stabbing to dehydration.

Brooke Haas says “Absolutely. We have the same life saving equipment on this piece of apparatus we have on an ambulance. Anything that is life saving you will find on this piece of equipment as well so we can take care of those trauma patients as well.

Hays adds, “We have everything here from bandages to splinting
to basic life-saving drugs and AED, and we can do full CPR with
what we got it all right here.”

Haas adds, “So our goal is to take care of our citizens in the city and the tourists who visit here.”

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