NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville duck has a new spring in her step thank to a 3-D printer.

When Belle the duck was one year old, she was injured and broke her right leg.

Veterinarians tried splinting the leg but were unable to keep her immobile so the foot could heal correctly.

The wound ended up healing backward and little Belle was unable to keep up with other ducks.

In March 2019, Belle had her right foot amputated at Belle Forest Animal Hospital in Bellevue.

The amputation went well but Belle was unable to walk or hop more than a couple of feet.

Her “mom” Jamie Warner searched the internet for help and found a man online who had previously made a prosthetic foot for a duck with a 3-D printer.

Mike Garey took the time to make Belle her new foot and now she’s on her way!

She still needs some practice getting used to her appendage but her family is excited she can now walk without pain.