Nashville DJ’s son was just rooms away from Las Vegas shooter

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville artist Dee Jay Silver was ducking from flying bullets in Las Vegas last Sunday while his baby was just rooms away from the mass shooter.

Silver spends much of his time out on the road with Jason Aldean, but he lives in Franklin. He and his wife were among the thousands shielding themselves when he learned just how close his son Wake was to the crossfire.

“I had seen him before his show. Matter of fact, I had taken a picture with his son, who is like six months old,” John Rich of country duo Big & Rich told News 2.

Rich talked to the DJ during the mayhem as he was separated from his son. While Big & Rich had already finished their set, they were close by at his bar The Redneck Riveria.

“We get the word at my bar at this point they are saying multiple active shooters,” the singer told News 2.PHOTOS: Shooting on the Vegas strip

Once he stopped the music and got his bar on lock down, Rich reached out to his friend Silver, who had walked off stage moments before the shots rang out.

“I texted Silver. I said are you OK? Next thing I know, we are talking on the phone together. He says, they threw us all into pick-up trucks and are hauling us out of this parking lot, and I just looked out over the truck and all I see is bodies everywhere. He said I guess this is what a war zone looks like. He said my son, I find out, this is him talking, that his hotel room is literally next door to the room of the shooter on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay,” Rich explained.

Big & Rich’s room was right below the shooter’s.

“We were all staying in the same band of rooms,” he explained.

He went on to say the SWAT team saved baby Wake.

“He said police had come down, thrown the flash grenades down the hallway, kicked the door in and pulled his son out and he didn’t know where his son was for almost four hours. So I mean just horrifying event after horrifying event,” Rich said.

Silver’s wife, Jenna Straub, posted on Instagram that their baby was three doors down from the shooter with her aunt, who was watching him, describing the hours they were separated as the most traumatic of her life.

Silver posted on social media Tuesday night saying, in part, “The last couple days have been extremely rough and filled with every emotion imaginable. I’m still trying to process what happened and how someone could do this in Las Vegas, a city I call my second home, and at a music festival, a place that brings so much happiness and joy to thousands from all over.”

He went on to say, “We must come together, unite, and live as one nation. As a new father trying to raise a son in this world, I pray for change, a change that must start today!”Click here for complete coverage of the Las Vegas shooting.

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