NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The back and forth between East Tennessee Representative John Ragan and Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk is continuing.

The two are sparring over DA Funk’s refusal to enforce the controversial transgender bathroom sign law that requires businesses to post signage if they allow inclusive restrooms.

Funk appeared via zoom Saturday morning in a conversation with Nashville Vice Mayor Jim Shulman on a wide range of issues concerning the capitol city.

Prosecutorial discretion was among the issues covered, something that came up in the reasoning behind the DA’s decision to not enforce the controversial bathroom sign law.

“It is one of the core principles; it’s built into our constitution, we’ve had some issues where state legislators don’t necessarily think that I should have discretion to make decisions based on what I think is important for our community,” Funk said.

The bathroom law requires businesses that allow persons to use the restroom regardless of gender to post specific signage notifying the public.

Rep. John Ragan responded to News 2’s request for comment by standing by his original statement to News 2 saying in part, “It is the duty of each district attorney general to whom any violation is reported to cause appropriate proceedings to be instituted and prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdiction without delay.”

Violation of this law is a misdemeanor, but enforcement again remains a question even outside of Nashville.

“Every prosecutor, every district attorney across the country has the discretion whether or not to charge a case, whether to not charge a case where to apply the resources of their office.

The bathroom sign law goes into effect July 1.