NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local civil rights organization is extending an invite to country singer Morgan Wallen to educate him on race.

The move comes after Wallen was caught on camera using a racial slur. NAACP President Sheryl Guinn said if Wallen didn’t know how hurtful and hateful the n-word is, then it’s his responsibility to learn. 

“I’m not trying to educate him on the hurtfulness or the hatefulness of the word; what I want to do is have a real conversation about race regarding the fact that we know that hatred exists; we know that white supremacy exists. Now how do we eradicate it?” Guinn explained to News 2. 

This could be an opportunity, she said not only for Wallen, but for the community.

“This word has been in existence for hundreds of years, and we are in 2021 and we are still talking about that word.” 

The n-word is deeply rooted in hate, she went on to explain. 

“That word is totally different because there were laws that came behind it that actually prohibited and criminalized behavior which was just basic human behavior, it criminalized basic human behavior,” said Guinn. 

She said she wants to have a conversation first to acknowledging that there is a problem, something she said is evident in seeing Wallen’s cavalier attitude when using the racial slur in the video. 

“I mean this young man is only 27-years-old. He was not around during slavery; he was not around during segregation and Jim Crow and yet he uses this word as if it’s just, you know, as if it doesn’t have any meaning,” Guinn explained. 

She hopes Wallen takes her up on the offer and uses his platform to reach a broader audience. 

“With his celebrity, with his notoriety within the community he can bring other people to the table to help further this conversation, so that’s what I want to have a conversation with him about.”

She went on to say that she hopes the country music community has a deeper conversation on the issue as well. 

The Country Music Association said that in addition to removing Morgan Wallen’s digital content from their platforms, they are reviewing additional measures and will continue to examine the industry’s inclusivity efforts.