DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Lisa Baker looks at pictures of her husband, Daniel Baker. “Enjoy it while you’re in it,” she says, “Nothing lasts forever.”

May 30th is meaningful to Lisa for very different reasons.

“We actually met 10 years ago this weekend. Memorial Day weekend, down on Kentucky Lake.”

She and Daniel fell fast for each other.

“I think about those times because it was just us together out in the middle of the lake, you know? I mean, if we could do it one more time,” Lisa says.

On May 30th, 2018, her husband, a Dickson County Sergeant, was murdered.

“How can it have already been four years?” Lisa asks in disbelief.

The events of that day traumatized Lisa, their then one-year-old daughter Meredith and the community.

“My life has been forever changed,” Lisa says.

Strong and resilient, Lisa says her focus in the years following Daniel’s death is providing for their daughter the way her husband would have wanted.

“I still feel him. A lot. A lot. It has to be him,” she says. “I have a red bird that flies into my window every morning. Bang. Bang. It’s time to get up. And, he comes back every evening. Meredith and I say, Hi Mr. Red Bird. It warms your heart a little.”

Lisa wouldn’t change much about her past.

“Maybe I could have met him sooner, so I could have had him a little longer,” Lisa said.

As she looks to the future, she vows to use her situation as a platform to speak out on behalf of victims continuing in her own way the commitment to service Daniel embodied.

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“My story is not over.”