MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Police are trying to track down a person of interest after shots were fired during an attempted robbery at a Murfreesboro store last week.

Shortly after 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 12, the Murfreesboro Police Department said someone with a gun walked into Vapor 69 on Memorial Boulevard to rob a store employee.

Luis Talavera, the owner of Three Mother’s Bakery, said Memorial Plaza Complex is usually a nice, quiet area, but that wasn’t the case Thursday night.

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“Majority of these people, they’ll leave around 5, 6 o’clock. We close at 7, and we’re out of here by 9 o’clock,” explained Talavera. “But those guys, sometimes they’ll stay open late and when we leave and they’re still open, but by that time, nothing is going on around this area, so it’s just an easy target.”

The unidentified individual reportedly pointed a gun right at the clerk and demanded money, but the clerk had a gun of his own.

However, after the clerk drew his handgun, the would-be robber ran to a silver, four-door sedan, officials reported, but not before firing at least two shots toward the clerk, hitting the store’s window and door, which is now boarded up.

“When we were trying to get this place open, we’ve never had any issues like seeing people doing bad stuff like that, so for the most part it’s a quiet area. It’s just one of those things, if it’s not safe to be open just by yourself, you shouldn’t do it,” Talavera said.

Talavera’s business is just a few doors down from Vapor 69 and he said they’ve never seen anything like that happening in this area.

“It was a little scary in the sense like we don’t want our customers to be in danger and stuff like that,” Talavera said.

Talavera said moving forward, he and his employees will be more cautious.

“I would say just keep your eyes open and if you see someone up to no good, just call someone or say something,” Talavera said.

(Source: Murfreesboro Police Department)

If you have any additional information about last week’s incident or the identity of the person of interest photographed above, you are asked to call Detective Trae Smalley at 629-201-5518.